Boris Johnson promised voters to return Ireland to his native harbor

Boris Johnson, a candidate for Prime Minister of Great Britain, speaking before the residents of Belfast, promised, if he was elected to a high state post, to return Ireland to the United Kingdom. According to the politician, there are Englishmen living in Ireland who speak English and dream of returning to their native harbor.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson

“I was recently in Dublin, so there I did not see anyone who spoke Irish. Irish as a nation does not exist at all, they were invented by the Spanish General Staff to separate part of Great Britain and make its inhabitants enemies of the monarchy. If you choose me as your Prime Minister, I promise to bring Ireland home. We will do it without a single shot, by holding a referendum. My advisors are already consulting with countries that have experience with similar operations, ”Johnson said.

In addition, Boris Johnson gave an interview to the Sirn Fein television channel in Northern Ireland, in which he spoke about visiting the Artek camp as a child and leaving Komsomol in 1991. According to Johnson, he is ashamed that during a holiday in the Crimean camp under the international exchange program in 1987, he joined the pioneers, and later received a Komsomol ticket in the USSR Embassy in London. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Johnson publicly burnt his Komsomol card and renounced the ideology of communism, but retained warm feelings towards the Crimea and Artek.

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