Архивы за день 7 июля, 2019

For weight loss, nutritionists advise Russians to sit in jail


The All-Russian Association of Nutritionists has summed up the results of a study on the causes of weight loss among Russians. Having studied the data of medical and correctional institutions, the experts studied the factors influencing the successful loss of excess weight of Russians. The most optimal place to improve their physical health, doctors called …

“They confused two Koreas”: in the UN Statistics Department commented on the laudatory report on the DPRK economy


The UN Statistics Directorate acknowledged the fallacy of a positive report on the DPRK economy and the dramatically increased in the country living standards and civil liberties. According to the head of the structural unit, the representative of Venezuela, Gisus Guyado Gonzalez, the mistake was that the report with published data about North Korea contained …

In Severodvinsk, a judge was dismissed, who called the Russian Federation a private firm and acquitted a Russian with “Soviet” rights

Russian Federation

In Severodvinsk, the Qualification Collegium of Judges fired the 52-year-old judge Mikhail Glebsky, who earlier acquitted the Russian who drove a car with the “rights of the Soviet Union” issued by private individuals in 2018. By resolution of the commission, a treason case was initiated against the ex-judge in accordance with the Criminal Code of …