The first minutes of the return of the Russian Federation to the PACE: how the British drank and the Germans celebrated

The permanent representative of Ukraine to the Council of Europe, Dmitry Kuleba, spoke about the night when a decision was made to restore the rights of the Russian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, writes PolitNavigator.


In an interview with BBC Ukraine, the politician said that Kiev and London were the main opponents of the return of the Russian Federation. Gathered in the office of a group of conservatives, most of whom are just the British, that night they used whiskey. With the glasses of alcoholic drink, the deputies discussed how from 4:00 to 1:00 the next day they tried to resist the decision to restore Russian rights in PACE. Kuleba witnessed what was happening, passing along the corridor past the premises in the company of another Ukrainian delegate, Borislav Bereza, who was previously in charge of the information department of the Right Sector extremist organization banned in the Russian Federation1.

Next to the conservatives’ office is the office of a group of socialists. There, on the contrary, gathered politicians who support Russia. The most extensive representation was for delegates from Germany. According to Kuleba, the Germans who “pushed” the proposal to return the Russian Federation to the organization celebrated their success.

German political analyst Alexander Rahr, commenting on the restoration of the Russian delegation of rights in PACE, said that the West, represented by the United States and Great Britain, had suffered a tactical defeat. Nevertheless, Moscow should not rest on its laurels, it is necessary to develop success.

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