Russia has put NATO on missiles

The Permanent Mission of Russia to NATO stated under what conditions it would not deploy medium and short range missiles in Europe and other regions.


In the diplomatic mission under the North Atlantic Alliance, they said that at a meeting of the Russia-NATO Council they demanded that the West stop putting the responsibility for scrapping the INF Treaty on Moscow.

“We focused on the real risks of further exacerbating the military-political situation in Europe. Noted the need for restraint, ”- leads the message of the diplomats“ Interfax ”.

According to the Russians, the Kremlin does not intend to deploy weapons prohibited by the treaty in Europe and other regions until similar American missiles are deployed there. Moscow calls on the alliance to make the same statement.

Recall, on June 18, State Duma deputies adopted a presidential law on the suspension of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF). The initiative received the support of all the Duma factions. July 3, it was signed by the president.


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