At the cemetery near Kiev «buried» Putin

At one of the provincial cemeteries in the town of Yagotin, Kiev region, local residents “buried” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Photos with a black granite tombstone and an improvised epitaph to “Vladimir Vladimirovich from happy Ukrainians” were uploaded to the network by a local resident.

«Well, they are able to do a quality job in their native Yagotin,» the author caustically signed his photo.

Network users reacted to the incident, despite the fact that such a provocation was not carried out for the first time: “burying” Vladimir Vladimirovich becomes almost a national Ukrainian game.

Thus, the famous publicist Armen Gasparyan wrote on his Twitter:

“The leper colony is typical. In Yagotin (Kiev region), local residents “buried” Putin, knocking out his portrait on a granite tombstone. ”

In the comments under Gasparyan’s post, one of the users suggested: “Now they will start writing that Putin is not real, because he is buried in the Kiev region”

На кладбище под Киевом «похоронили» Путина (ФОТО) | Русская весна


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