Superabak from Skolkovo won at the World Exhibition of High Technologies

The unique invention of scientists from Skolkovo — superabak was recognized as the best at the XXV World High-Tech Exhibition in Pyongyang. The peculiarity of the Russian exhibit was its capabilities — the lighting and the number of operations per minute — the accounts allow you to perform up to 60 operations per minute.


The DPRK chief economist Mun Pak Ling praised the Russian novelty and said that he was seeing such a powerful apparatus for the first time.

“We are very pleased that Russia brought one of its best inventions to Pyongyang. We have already signed a contract for the supply of abacus to the ministries of economy and finance, as well as to the National Bank. Now we can speed up the work at the expense of better operational efficiency, ”the Minister of Economy said.

In the future, Russian specialists are planning to further improve the apparatus, the abacus will have a modern control panel, which will make it possible to perform all operations remotely.


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