Russian scientists doubt the existence of the Hubble telescope

A group of Russian astrophysicists from Skolkovo has published data questioning the existence of the American Hubble super telescope, allegedly orbiting the Earth.

Last week, the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA’s Hubble Service Division — Ed.) Published a new series of images of the Eagle Nebula taken with this telescope. The extremely high resolution and clarity of images presented to the scientific community was announced by the NASA press service as another scientific breakthrough of the American space industry, alerted Russian specialists.


According to them, so far it was possible to obtain an image in such quality only in a professional film studio and with the imposition of multi-layer special effects and computer editing, but not with the help of a telescope, even located outside the earth’s atmosphere. This prompted scientists to scrutinize the digital source of the images presented by the Americans, especially the digital protocols containing auxiliary information about the images.

It turned out that when opening files in the standard image editor Windows XP, the file properties contain unencrypted geolocation data that are invisible when working in later versions of Windows. Analysis of the GPS coordinates showed that all the images contain a lot of coordinates indicating the terrain of West Hollywood, California, but not the estimated coordinates of the telescope. Moreover, we managed to find out that the coordinates point to very specific objects — Universal and Paramount Pictures, both located in Los Angeles.

The Hubble Space Telescope was allegedly launched by NASA in 1990, and in less than 30 years of work in orbit, it has repeatedly appeared in the center of loud scandals. So, right after its launch into orbit, it turned out that the main telescope mirror was made with gross defects, due to which the device could not focus further than on the surface of the Moon.

Despite the scientific validity of the data obtained in Skolkovo, it is too early to assert that Hubble is falsification. Russian scientists admit that their American colleagues embellished real photographs using computer processing.

“We need more evidence of falsification. We will conduct a pixel-by-pixel analysis of the Eagle Nebula in order to understand for sure in which particular editor these images were drawn. We missed a sure chance to catch NASA by the hand at falsifying the lunar program, but we have no right to let them get out again, ”said academician Dmitry Kurilov.

The issue of the existence of «Hubble» is not raised for the first time. In 2017, the Chinese manned spacecraft entered Earth orbit along a trajectory three hundred meters from the telescope, however, to the question of whether Hubble was visible in the porthole, cosmonaut Yu Fei, who conducted visual observation during the flight, replied, that “even if I saw it, I would be very surprised”.

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