Russians prefer fake Adidas tracksuits to real

The experts of the public organization «Sport Quality» conducted a regular study, the purpose of which is to check the quality of sportswear, shoes and equipment on the Russian market. This year the action was dedicated to the anniversary of the brand Adidas, which celebrated the 70th anniversary of its foundation.


Social activists decided to compare the quality of the brand’s goods purchased in sports shops, and sportswear and footwear that mimic the well-known manufacturer, in particular, Abidas and Adibas, which are sold even in illegal outlets. All purchased goods were sent for public examination, with all the distinctive signs on it eliminated.

During the month, volunteers wore clothes and shoes and scored its quality in different categories. To the surprise of experts in all sections, the people’s jury set higher marks for counterfeiting.

“The results surprised us, but since the study was conducted by disinterested people, he should be trusted. I think the Russians do not make sense to overpay for the original, if the fake is cheaper and worn better. In principle, it is even visually clear that people who buy the latest collections of brands renew their wardrobe in a year, and the buyers of adibas can walk in the same sports pants for years, ”said Athanasii Matveyev, the head of Sportkachestva.


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