A cat that was fed only food from McDonalds died at the age of 29

In Italy, at the age of 29, the cat Albina died, which scientists from the Verona Institute of Dietetics from their birth gave exclusively on food from McDonald’s fast food restaurants. As reported on the official website of the institute, the cat broke its neck when falling from the roof during mating games with local cats.

Studies to establish the effect of fast food on the metabolism and health of the body began in Verona in 1990. The customer was the Italian Ministry of Health, concerned about the growing number of McDonald’s restaurants and other chains in the country. Alina was completely transferred to fast food immediately after her teeth erupted and she was able to eat solid food. The daily diet of the cat consisted of a large pack of french fries, two burgers and an average bucket of chicken nuggets.

“We were convinced that fast food had a harmful effect on the body of Albina. Undoubtedly, the loss of coordination during the chase for Basilio the cat, from which Albina had 9 litters of kittens, is a consequence of such a diet. Now we will prepare a report for the Italian government, in which we will describe the harmful effects of McDonald’s products on the cat’s body, ”said the institute director Silvio Medici.

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