UAZ launched the line of automatic consecration of cars

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant announced that it had installed an automatic consecration line for its products. Next month, consecration will become available as an option at dealers.

The equipment was manufactured and supplied by the Kaluga plant of Orthodox equipment. On May 25, the KZPA specialists completed adjustment work, after which the first car passed the first car — it became the UAZ-2206 (popularly known as a “loaf”) in export version for Kyrgyzstan.

“The line has limited bandwidth, so consecration will be available at first only as an option. The cost will be from 5025 rubles depending on the car model, ”said a representative of the plant, Mikhail Kobrin.

The secretary of the Avtozavod committee of the Ulyanovsk diocese confirmed that the blessed water would be supplied to the plant with the blessing of the regional URPC and stored in special tanks (see below). Deliveries of the first industrial batch of raw materials will take place under the personal control of the secretary of the factory church cell.

Equipment before being sent to UAZ

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