The USSR collapsed due to an error in the American artificial intelligence

At an international conference on the contribution of socialist countries to technical progress, a report was presented analyzing the reasons for the failure of the OGAS system (the National Automated System for Accounting and Information Processing) developed by Soviet scientists and engineers. Based on the materials of the report, scientists conclude that the collapse of the Soviet Union was due to, perhaps, deliberate, the mistakes of American equipment manufacturers.


The author of the book “Propaedeutics of Soviet Class Cybernetics”, a teacher of cybernetics and computational mathematics in Urf. Im. Boris N. Yeltsin, honored teacher of dialectical law at the USURT, Boris Borisovich Uvozhaev, who spoke at the international conference in Yekaterinburg “World full of capitalists, the USSR like a candle in darkness,” commented on the study: “We, scientists of cybernetics of the Soviet Union, are keenly Understand the need for the introduction of advanced technologies in work processes. We sat with academician Glushkov, discussed the Marxist-Leninist theses in the light of the labor process in advanced production, when suddenly he tells me, Boris, and why should we not do OGAS. I answer, what OGAS? And he tells me, but if you read Kitov’s works, I’ll tell you very well, I’m writing to you sensibly. I read, and writes really sensibly! That’s how we decided to build OGAS. It was then when Kosygin, he was then the deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. We went to him. They told him we want to do OGAS. He then asked us what kind of OGAS and for what? And we said, OGAS for working people. Then he asked, and what for OGAS? We told him, they say, Comrade Kitov was so intelligent, was a man, his works are here. He got acquainted and gave us the green light. ”

It follows from the report that OGAS — a system automating the management of the economy of the USSR — could solve all the problems of a planned economy and was already at the final stage of development when Yeltsin ordered to purchase equipment from the USA, which became a fatal mistake.

“We brought equipment from the States that does not meet the GOST standards. What else can we talk about, how can we build communism with such glands instead of our Soviet technology? Naturally, the cybernetic system did not work as it should: proposed to strengthen the federal division of the Union and give autonomy to its subjects, according to its calculations, this should lead to a more efficient economy. What do stupid American glands understand? ”- summed up Uvozhaev.

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