The songs of «Blue Berets» and Igor Rasteryaev will add to the repertoire of the school program in music.

This initiative was recently approved by the Ministry of Education. According to representatives of the department, it will contribute to the formation of civil identity, as well as strengthen the connection between generations.

Blue Berets
Blue Berets

“During a difficult political situation, teachers are either guided by old Soviet textbooks written by people with outdated thinking, or they choose songs at random. For example, as a result of a routine check, we found that a teacher in a Moscow school forced children to sing «Chungachang.» Taking into account that children of diplomats from African countries studied at this school, such actions dealt a serious blow to the fragile child’s psyche, ”said Deputy Minister of Education Fyodor Razumovsky.

According to the official, children’s songs should be replaced by compositions that prepare schoolchildren for adult life.

“Yesterday’s schoolboy, for example, will fall into the men’s company. What will he sing there with a guitar: «Beautiful far away» or «Three white horses»? And the songs of Rasteryaev and “Blue Berets” even for the general educational level do not interfere and are good from the point of patriotic education, ”the deputy minister added.

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