The first capsule in the construction of the Junker Center was laid in Brussels

The ceremony of laying the first capsule for the future Junker Center was held in Brussels. The members of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights anticipated the resignation of the head of the European Commission and the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, promising to present the most complete exposition in the new establishment, dedicated to the biography of the oldest European official.


The building, designed by French architect Avigdor Chami, will have four floors. The exhibition will feature numerous photographs of Juncker, his personal stationery and a personal collection of empty wine bottles drunk by a politician in between the parliamentary sessions. In addition to the museum part, the institution will have clothing stores and catering establishments, including a unique wineglass.

“My friend Jean-Claude, I remember you as a skilled orator and person who skillfully defends his point of view. As we argued with you, during the wine debate. I have already made a proposal to create a new Junker wine, which will be sold both in Spain and here in Brussels, ”said PACE ex-chairman Pedro Agramunt.

The cadet center will be located on the banks of the Brussels-Scheldt canal and will be equipped with a berth for ships. A visit to a unique cultural institution will cost you 5 EUR, except Sunday, when admission is free. Guides promise to make the most interesting program, including for pupils and students.

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