Taiwan’s ruling party announced a course towards reunification with China and the creation of a socialist state

The Communist Party of Taiwan, which won the parliamentary elections with a record result (60%), was given the right to fully form a government. Taking advantage of the mandate of national trust, Communist leader Lee Park Jean announced the end of the capitalist era on the island and the transition to a planned economy.


As part of the reforms, it is planned to completely stop the monopolies of large corporations and transfer their property to the power of the people. The final point of change will be the reunification with mainland China, which Taiwan will join as one of the provinces of the PRC.

“The people of Taiwan have suffered from capitalists for decades and felt the injustice of the distribution of resources on themselves. Why does a janitor in a electronics factory get less than a company president? There will be no more. We eliminate social inequality. In addition, the dirty imperialists separated the united Chinese people and for years pitted us, supporting it with the presence of American troops. Tomorrow we will expel NATO and begin the process of joining the People’s Republic of China, ”said party leader Lee Pak Jean.

The ceremonial performance of the Chief Communist of Taiwan with the hoisting of the flag of China over the Taipei parliament ended.


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