Slovak policemen on the Volga caught up and neutralized attackers on Porsche

An unusual police operation took place in Slovakia. In the city of Poprad, criminals robbed a bank, taking a safe and 10 million euros, and disappeared by car Porsche Cayenne. The crew of a USSR-made GAZ-24 car drove away the robbers. During the chase, the officers noticed that the GPS signal from the car of the criminals had disappeared from their radar. When the police stopped on the roads, they noticed a Porsche in the woods and traces that led to the river Ugrin.


Arriving at the shore, law enforcement officers found three people hiding in the dark on a motorboat. Without hesitation, the police decided to pursue the bandits on the «Volga» on the river. The Soviet car did not notice any obstacles and even in the water reached a speed of 100-120 km / h, which helped to overtake and arrest the criminals. After the end of the operation, the GAZ-24 returned to its usual place in the parking lot under its own power. When inspecting the car no visible damage was detected.

“This Soviet car hit our office in the times of Czechoslovakia. They say that in Russia there are many places where there are virtually no roads, so some cars in advance made able to overcome water obstacles. They say that this «Volga» served somewhere in the north and often traveled on water. We first tried these superpowers only yesterday, but I am glad that when we were offered to change it for a new Toyota, I insisted on it and assured that this car would help us more than once. Soviet cars are not very beautiful in appearance, but they are virtually indestructible, ”commented the head of the Poprad police, Miloš Becanek, on the results of the operation.

Criminals arrested and awaiting trial. All bags of cash transferred to the ownership of the bank. Not a single bill is wet.

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