In the US, banned the use of fresh juices

US President Donald Trump signed the Senate law banning the use of fresh juices in the state. As an alternative to natural products, reconstituted and powdered juice-containing beverages with the addition of safe gene modifications will be used.


The reason for the ban was the results of an annual food research conducted by experts from the US Department of Health. Experts have identified an abnormally high content of harmful substances in fresh juices. For example, the amount of deadly chemical element O2 exceeded the norm by no less than 13 times, and the volume of C12H22O11, also used in the manufacture of bombs and smoke bombs, is more than 3 times.

“The harm of fresh juices has been seriously underestimated. Natural juices may contain parasite eggs and chemical reagents, in contrast to the proven boxed products. Like no sane American would deny the benefits of pure protein hamburger patties to dirty natural meat, so here, we hope that citizens will quickly manifest social consciousness and not only stop officially buying natural juices, but also get rid of home juicers ”, — said the Deputy Minister of Health Andrew Kokold.

In connection with the ban, many food companies in the United States also expressed their intention to conduct large-scale information campaigns against fresh juices in other countries with which they have trade relations. In the list of countries compiled by American analysts, Russia ranks at the top, followed by China, followed by the CIS countries.

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