In the European Union adopted a law on free five-year education

The deputies of the European Parliament adopted a bill on compulsory five-year education for all citizens. Thus, all who want to continue to continue to study the profile will be forced to pay tuition or stop it.

European Union
European Union

According to the European Commissioner for Education Jan Figel, further investment in school education is unproductive and burdensome for the budgets of states. At the same time, with the development of scientific and technological progress, the number of professional people will rapidly decline and most people graduating from educational institutions will become unclaimed in the labor market.

“First of all, we must protect the rights of children. You can not bother them with sciences that they will not be useful in later life. I saw wonderful Portuguese young men who did not own the multiplication table, but they were able to become excellent bartenders and farmers, ”said Wang.

The document adopted by the European Parliament will be binding on all current EU members and candidates. Reforms do not affect the UK leaving the union.

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