In the Amur region, the railroad laying was completed according to the Chinese standard

The press service of the Far Eastern Railway reported on the implementation of the plan ahead of schedule. The Amur region is completely translated into the Chinese standard of the gauge width — 1,435 mm, the all-Russian standard is 1520 mm. The project was implemented with the support of the Chinese government.

Amur region
Amur region

Project Leader Leonid Zhao shared the secret of successful program implementation: “The project received a great response from Chinese investors. The Chinese Railways, the state operator of the PRC railway network, also assisted in the implementation. The transfer of the Amur region to the new standard will allow integrating the region into the economic system of China faster. This will attract large financial resources, new jobs will appear. Residents of the region reacted with great enthusiasm to the project being implemented — China is known for the high standard of living of its citizens. ”

According to experts, the project will allow Russia to increase the supply of forest and mineral resources to China by 35% per year. The transfer of railway networks to the Chinese standard will continue in the Chita region and the Khabarovsk Territory.

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