Cossacks will whip the data centers of foreign Internet companies.

The head of the Moscow regional Cossacks, ataman Danila Lyuty announced plans to conduct a special raid, during which the Cossacks would whip buildings of several metropolitan data storage and processing centers with whips.

According to the Cossacks, the information posted on the websites of foreign organizations, has on the inhabitants of Russia «a corrupting, morally corrupting influence that can disintegrate the population of the country.» From which it follows that foreigners need to «teach a good lesson.»

“We will hold this raid in the coming days. For this purpose, on a special council, several objects were selected in advance, which ones we are keeping secret for now. From the data centers, it is necessary to carve out all the crap, so that these adversaries should not go to the Russians. And if this does not help, we will chop the walls with checkers. I believe that in general, this entire Internet should be properly taught a good lesson, ”said the ataman.

The law enforcement agencies in Moscow refused to comment on the statements of the Cossacks.

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