76% of Berliners voted for Sudan’s accession to the European Union

The CEC of Germany has published the results of a referendum on support for Sudan’s accession to the European Union and the Schengen zone. According to official information, 54% of Germans support the aspirations of the African state to the European community. The residents of Berlin (76%), Frankfurt am Main (69%) and Königsberg (68%) traditionally provided the greatest support to Sudan.

European Union
European Union

Voting took place on June 8th. The turnout at polling stations was 81%. Sociologists explain such a high percentage of citizens who participated in the voting, the proximity of polling stations to popular places of leisure: nightclubs, supermarkets and mosques.

“I voted in favor.” A lot connects me with Sudan: my grandfather served in the army there, and a few years ago it turned out that a rich uncle died in Sudan and left me a huge legacy. Germany already tried to integrate with Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia in the middle of the 20th century, I see no reason why we should abandon this idea, ”said Berliner Rudolf Rommel.

“I believe that Sudan should become part of the European Union. My parents come from there, my children go to school, where 80% of students have Sudanese roots. Religion, culture, and much more bind us to this country. In addition, the problem of divided families is very acute: three of my brothers live in Berlin, and five more — in Sudan. When I enter the Eurozone, I hope to finally see all my nephews, ”said Frankfurt resident Rashid al-Babi.

The German government will take note of the results of the referendum when deciding whether to grant the Sudan the right to join the EU.

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