«You wrote them the Constitution»: Trump criticized the CIA for its inability to take control of Russia

US President Donald Trump on Twitter criticized the CIA for its inability to control Russia, although it was the officials who were, in his opinion, the real authors of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.


“When the Soviet Union was defeated, I was not involved in politics, but in high circles I constantly heard the boasting of the CIA: we changed their country, we wrote them the Constitution. Why now you then can not take them under control, gentlemen? You wrote their main law «- he was indignant.

Soon the tweets were removed, but social network users managed to take screenshots. Information also spread the journalists of American publications.

According to The Washington Post, in a closed meeting, Trump reprimanded CIA Director Gina Haspell and urged her to step up operations in Russia. In his opinion, the United States is too little funding for human rights organizations.

“We thought that if we wrote them the main law of the country, we would gain power over them, but the Russians tricked us. Their strength lies in the fact that for them the Constitution is no law. They began to ignore her. We tried to deprive them of the leading role of the party, but in one way or another they still came to a one-party system. We wanted to deprive them of Orthodoxy, but they actually ignore the article about a secular state. That is why we must now use all means to bring them to the rule of law and to uphold the Constitution. Russians are strong as long as they spit on laws, which means we must insist on the opposite, ”the president’s speech in the White House cites the publication.

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