The winner of the presidential election in Kazakhstan will be determined by a vote of citizens and a political jury

The Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan announced the rules for holding the first presidential election in the history of the state. The winner will be determined on the basis of a two-tier vote consisting of points scored at the polling station from voters and ratings of the highest political jury of Kazakhstan, which will include the best politicians, public figures and athletes of the country. The first president Nursultan Nazarbayev will head the commission.


“We need to make the election process as fair and transparent as possible. These are long-awaited elections, which imposes on us the responsibility not to let people’s expectations down. To rely solely on the decision of citizens or politicians is reckless. A reasonable compromise is to add two votes and derive the arithmetic average, ”Nazarbayev commented on the scheme.

The CEC voiced the formula for determining the winner. Regardless of the number of votes, the leader according to the results of citizens’ votes gets the maximum possible 14 points, the candidate who takes second place, 12 points, third place — 10, the outsider will receive 2 points. The same sequence is valid for the jury to vote, which, however, will receive priority in the selection of the head of state with an equal number of points from the candidates. All controversial issues during the process will be personally decided by the head of the jury Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The democratic nature of the process is to be ensured by the head of the republic’s Central Election Commission, Vladimir Churov.

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