The Press Ministry will check all jokes for compliance with Russian legislation

The Ministry of Press and Information announces its intention to check all anecdotes published in the media, voiced on television and radio for compliance with Russian legislation. In particular, the state regulator wants to conduct an examination whether the short literary works violate the laws on fake news and insulting state institutions and symbols, including leading political figures.


In case of detection of violations, the agency will issue instructions to the media to remove such anecdotes from their broadcast or band. Refusal will be punished with penalties, the list of which will be determined later. The Ministry of the Press Board hopes for the help of law enforcement agencies, Roskomnadzor, and simply active citizens, “to whom the fate of the Fatherland is not alien,” the agency’s website says.

“Jokes are not only ridiculous, but also offensive. Here is it possible to go joking over the authorities? In addition, all jokes often become socially dangerous. The same journalists from the Western media often take them at face value. In one of the British magazines I read about the city of Kitezh flooded by the Russians, ”said Vasily Nagaykin, head of the ministry.

The Ministry of the Press noted that the ban on the criticism of the internal agenda and government decisions does not apply to foreign policy and historical events of past centuries.

“In our country there are many wonderful jokes about the previous American President Barack Obama. Do not bury this cultural layer in the ground, as well as anecdotes about domestic personalities — Chapaev or Stalin. Joke about them as much as your heart desires, ”the minister specified.

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