The owner of the tractor plant for the disposal of sanctions food opened a restaurant in Manhattan

Moscow businessman Viktor Osetrov, who owns a controlling stake in Kovrovbuldozer OJSC, solemnly cut the ribbon at the opening of his Horn of Plenty restaurant on Manhattan Island in New York. The equipment produced at the enterprise, since 2014, has been used to destroy sanctions products illegally entering the territory of Russia.

As noted in the press release of Kovrovbuldozer OJSC, the profit of the plant from 2014 to 2019 increased by more than 450%. The manufacturer first began to supply equipment outside the CIS to countries such as China, Pakistan, Venezuela and the DPRK. In addition to direct sales, the company regularly receives contracts for the disposal of prohibited products of premium class, which for one reason or another cannot be crushed by a bulldozer. In a solemn speech on the occasion of the opening of the restaurant, Osetrov thanked the government for a consistent approach to protecting Russian markets from foreign products.

“I am glad that counter-sanctions and import substitution work. We do not need lobster with shrimps in Russia, we do not need jamon and hummus. May all this remain in the West. My plants scrapped so many delicacies that would be enough for a whole premium class restaurant anywhere in America, ”said Osetrenko.

According to media reports, the average bill in the restaurant «Horn of Plenty» will be $ 155.

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