The number of applications from Americans for Russian citizenship increased 5 times after the ban on abortions in Alabama

The diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation in the United States reported a record number of applications from Americans for emigration to Russia. According to the ministry, in the last month, five times more Americans expressed a desire than in the whole of 2018. Experts attribute this anomalous activity to the tightening of abortion legislation in several states, in particular, with the complete ban on abortions in Alabama.

“Over the past month I have been observing such a flow of people as I have not observed all twenty years of my service in the USA. I can not reveal the exact figures, but the bill goes on thousands. And these are most often qualified specialists in the field of high technologies. The Americans are very frightened by the attack on their rights and see Russia as a bulwark of democracy and progress. The window for a visa is already full lines. Americans still do not know what to ask who is the last and come two hours before the opening, but they are already in line to learn Russian from the Meladze songs and Chekhov’s stories, ”one of the employees of the Russian Embassy in the USA commented.

In the meantime, Twitter users in the US have launched a powerful campaign against new laws to ban abortions. Commentators often set as an example Russia, where the procedure is legalized. For example, a user with the nickname TeddyBear left one of the most popular posts in the American segment of the social network:
Russia in 2019:
Space: in development
Abortions: legalized
Independent Internet: done
US in 2019:
The Big Mexican Wall: in progress
“Russia in 2019: the cosmos is developing, abortions legalized, independent Internet. USA in 2019: a wall on the border with Mexico is under construction ”

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