Russians rescue Baikal from shoaling with water buckets

The public organization “Baikal is alive” organized a humanitarian action to collect water for the deepest lake on the planet. About 7,000 people from all over the country rushed to the shores of Lake Baikal in order to restore its full depth. Enameled buckets, cans, buckets and even mugs with tap water became the main weapon of the action participants.


The government of the Trans-Baikal Territory and its caring residents supported the campaign “Baikal Liter”. They decided to organize a field kitchen and an entertainment program for the participants of the event. Everyone who filled Baikal with water was awaited by a plate of porridge and a glass of sweet tea.

Do not miss the opportunity to earn during the holiday businessmen. Entrepreneurs began to issue merch with the image of an enamelled bucket, T-shirts, caps, flags and mugs. Currently, the Ministry of Culture of the Trans-Baikal Territory is discussing the possibility of opening a museum of enamelled buckets with discounts for visiting all participants of the “Baikal Liter”.

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