The Russians asked the government to increase the VAT to 24%

The Ministry of Economic Development and the Cabinet received a lot of letters from ordinary Russians, offering to increase the value added tax to 24% or more, if required by the interests of national economic security.

The department said that over the week they were brought over 4 thousand letters from all over Russia. Citizens write that the authorities should not worry too much about them and fear the negative effects of a tax increase. Instead, it is necessary to carry out “bold reforms for the sake of a common future”. Officials quoted some of the letters.


“In the current circumstances, it is not enough to reduce the number of legal entities operating under the preferential tax rules. Actions must be decisive and quick: raising the VAT rate to an adequate level, which is recognized by expert groups to be 24%, tightening tax legislation, low-level optimization of the tax collection process, ”writes pensioner Maria K. from Elektrostal.

“No need to worry about the fluctuations in the welfare of the general population after this reform. The people of Russia are well aware that sometimes it is necessary to tighten their belts for a while in order to improve economic stability in the long term. The growth of 4% VAT also does not look like a factor that can critically hit the composition of the consumer basket and significantly affect us, ordinary people, ”says Mikhail V. Borisoglebsk mechanic.

“In my opinion, VAT at the level of 24% is a figure quite adequate to the current economic situation. It was a mistake to raise the rate only to 20%, but it is not too late to correct this error. I expect that the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, respected by me, the Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin, the Minister of Finance Anton Germanovich Siluanov, and the head of the Federal Tax Service Mishustin Mikhail Vladimirovich will not disregard my letter and work on this issue, ”the statement reads. a letter from the bus driver from Yakutsk to Alexander M.

The Cabinet noted that they can not leave the initiative of people without consideration and will certainly bring it up for discussion in the coming days.

“We are grateful to people who are not indifferent to economic processes, and we promise that their initiatives will be considered with full responsibility. This is how democracy works — they ask us, we do it, ”said Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov.

The government also thanked the participants of the national network flashmob MyZa24 and announced a spontaneous concert «24% — Yes!» With the participation of pop stars and folk artists in Red Square on Sunday, June 9.

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