Pole taught his cat to work as a plunger

28-year-old Pole Jacek Przherdievsky, working as a plumber in London, became a hero of the Polish media. The man became famous for having been able to teach his cat Przemyslav to handle the plunger.

The plumber said that he picked up Pshe (ed. — so he calls his pet for short) on the street and became very attached to him. The real dilemma for Jacek was the call to work in the UK. Excellent working conditions and doing things you love for decent pay made the offer very attractive. The problem arose due to the fact that the owner could not take the cat to the Misty Albion, and it seemed inhuman to leave the animal in Poland, especially if there was no one who wanted to take Pshe to him for the time being.


“I was really offered a dream job — all I had to do was clean the blockages and fix the plumbing in rich areas of London. Each of my friends would have dreamed of such work. The question was what to do with your beloved pshe? I had to be with him all the time so as not to lose him. So I decided to try to teach him how to work as a plunger. He is smart with me — he grasps everything on the fly. Now for all trips we go together. At first, customers looked askance at us, but then they got used to and even began to give tips, and their children often even play with Psha, although they call him Patrick, because their speech apparatus is not able to master the Polish language, ”said Przherjevsky.

Reviews of unusual sanitary team in London extremely positive. Przherjevsky hopes to extend his stay in the UK and apply for citizenship in the future.


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