Parents asked the administration of the kindergarten to protect the territory with barbed wire

Parents of pupils of preschool institutions in Vorkuta appealed to the head of the kindergarten with the requirement to replace the standard fence, enclosing the territory, on the fence with barbed wire. Such a decision, in their opinion, will prevent the escape of children beyond the territory of the institution.


“Personally, I would certainly like to install several towers with security posts and even people with mock-ups of automatic machines, so that children would be afraid to leave the territory of the kindergarten. In this way, they would learn to respect adults and discipline themselves. It is a pity that this requires serious financial resources, but a fence with barbed wire can be installed. As a child, I lived next to such a fence and nothing — I grew up with an adequate person, ”said the mother of a kindergarten student, Alena Retivaya.

The administration of the preschool institution rejected the parents’ proposal, despite the urgency of the problem with the unauthorized excommunications of the pupils.

“The education law does not allow us to use barbed wire. It’s time for parents to figure it out. Yes, the children go and wander through the forest, but first, the children have gradually learned every path there, and we constantly send the caretaker there. If additional measures are needed, then we add control to the dogs, and barbed wire is overkill. It is impossible to injure the children’s psyche, ”said the director of the kindergarten, Andrei Kirzachev.

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