Knesset decided to consider the Jewish Autonomous Region as the territory of Israel

The Knesset decided to consider the Jewish Autonomous Region to be the historically established territory of Israel, along with the Golan Heights and the Gaza Strip. In order to avoid conflicts with the Russian authorities, the issue of state borders will not be reviewed.

All persons born in the region will be granted Israeli citizenship and Israeli social benefits, and a consulate will be opened in Birobidzhan. Israel will not interfere in the activities of the Russian authorities in the region, but, as Knesset deputy Moshe Reibman said, “There is nothing to interfere with.” At the same time, a moratorium was adopted on the granting of Israeli citizenship to employees of regional and municipal authorities, as well as security agencies of the region.

In addition to the privileges, the residents of the Jewish Autonomous Region will also perform duties imposed on them. For example, Israeli citizens under the age of 30 must serve the IDF in the Israeli army. The retirement age in Israel is 62 for women and 67 for men. In order to be eligible for medical care, new citizens will have to pay insurance in bitumens leumi (health care system), the amount by Israeli standards is small, but for Russia it is sensitive.

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