In the Yeltsin Center could not explain the nature of the appearance in the building of the vodka fountain

The administration of the Yeltsin Center continues to investigate the perpetrators of the appearance of a drinking fountain with vodka on the territory of the complex. According to the person responsible for sanitary conditions at the facility, Vasily Vodopyanov, the unexpected filling of the stream with high-grade liquid was allegedly started to be fixed on May 28. It is not excluded that for a couple of days the visitors of the establishment did not report an anomaly, but, as follows from video surveillance, people spent a long time at the drinking source and left the Yeltsin Center reeling.

Yeltsin Center
Yeltsin Center

“For the first time in the history of the existence of the Yeltsin Center, we have free alcohol in the territory. At the moment we can not determine the source from which vodka is supplied. At the same time, we cannot turn off the drinking fountain, because then the whole object will remain without water. We have already appealed to the police about the incident. The investigator said that the vodka fountain is a material evidence and asks to maintain its functioning in its usual form, ”commented the incident Vodop’yanov.

In addition to the negative, the Yeltsin Center also noted the positive effect of what happened.

“Of course, we have to remove the vodka fountain, but due to this unusual situation, the number of visitors has increased. At last, Yekaterinburg residents and guests of the Urals became interested in the personality of Boris Nikolayevich, ”said the director of the financial department of the Yeltsin Center Galina Zinoviev.

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