In the Vladimir region found a fragment of the railway Ivan the Terrible

In the area of ​​Alexandrov in the Vladimir region, archaeologists have found several rails and sleepers. According to scientists, 200 meters of the canvas date back to 1556 and were part of the railway connecting the Alexander Sloboda fortress with Moscow.

Vladimir region
Vladimir region

Archaeologists claim that the road functioned until 1612, when Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky dismantled part of the ways for scrap, and hid the other part. This decision was called by historians strategic, which contributed to the victory over the Polish invaders and the end of the Time of Troubles. In the future, all information about the secret railway track of Ivan the Terrible and the transport that moved along it was kept secret and lost. The Soviet military archives were studied by the forces of the Russian military-historical society, after which historians decided to study the heritage of Ivan the Terrible in more detail.

“The railway appeared much earlier than is commonly believed. And the birthplace of rail transport was Russia, not England. We just, in our good Russian tradition, lost our greatest achievement. However, with the discovery of this unique fragment of the path, the alignment changes significantly, ”graduate student Vladimir Shmulevsky commented on the find.

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