In the Indian box office from «Rocketman» cut out the scene with elephants

Significantly edited version of the biopic of director Dexter Fletcher «Rocketman», telling about the life of Elton John, saw the Indian audience. According to the largest film distributor Bangalore, a scene with elephants was cut out of the picture.


“The elephant is a sacred animal in India. He cannot spoil the image, and the neighborhood in one piece of an elephant and a person with an ambiguous reputation may not be accepted by Indian society, ”said Mahmuddin Tahir, the head of the film company.

As the creators of “Rocketman” reported, the film contains an episode from Elton John’s tour of India. In the frame, a British performer on the shore of the Indian Ocean washes his feet and kisses an elephant in the trunk. Also from the film cut out all the kisses, which the laws of the country are considered erotic actions and are forbidden to be shown on the screen.

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