In Nigeria, will withdraw their series about the Chernobyl disaster

The film company Nigeria films decided to shoot its TV version of the Chernobyl disaster, adapted for African countries. The producers said that they were pushed to this by the imperfection of the HBO series and their view of the events of 1986.


The creators of the series confessed that they made changes to the plot in order to make it popular on the Black Continent. So, a volunteer contingent from Africa arrives to liquidate the Chernobyl accident. In addition to volunteers, the best shamans are sent to the USSR, banishing radiation through magical rituals. As producer Osha Mwabaji said, all the roles were performed by the best actors in Nigeria.

“We have long wanted to create an African TV series, comparable in popularity with the HBO series. By the way, our market is even more British. The population of Nigeria alone exceeds the population of any European country, and if you take the whole of Africa, even more so. The British’s Chernobyl series may have come out maybe not a failure, but raw. We have studied the topic better and will soon present the fruits of our creativity to the whole world. We attracted the best actors. So, the role of Gorbachev will be played by Dikembe Odija — a legendary person in Nigeria, ”said Mwabaji.

The total cost of the project was 10 million dollars. The series will appear on screens in April next year.

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