In Greenland, announced the creation of a socialist state

Magnus Rauf, leader of the Danish political party Freedom Island, after a visit to the royal palace in Copenhagen, reported in social networks that Queen Margrethe II acknowledged the results of the referendum on the independence of Greenland from the Danish crown. The voting, held on June 1, was attended by 1203 people — more than 70% of the population of Greenland. At the same time, 997 people voted for independence.


The “Island of Freedom” party, in whose ranks the native Greenlanders are members, was organized in 1992. The political force proclaims its goal the creation of an independent socialist republic on the territory of Greenland, Iceland and a number of smaller islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Addressing the young nation, the Acting Chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars of Greenland, Magnus Rauf, congratulated compatriots on their great victory and urged them to raise the red banner thrown by the Soviet Union.

“When the USSR collapsed, I had a dream — to make the communist project great again. Today, 27 years later, this dream came true. Greenland will be an independent, legal, free state, organized according to the precepts of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Our people threw off the shackles of slavery, freed from the yoke of the tyranny of the Danes, their queen confounded and accepted defeat. The Island of Freedom party will be reorganized, henceforth its name is the Communist Party of Greenland, ”said Rauf.

The procedure for the final withdrawal of Greenland from Denmark will take 2 months, during which elections will be held to the Central Committee and the political bureau of the Communist Party of Greenland. Rauf announced the country’s intention to join the UN, the SCO and the Comintern. The Greenlanders were congratulated by the leaders of Cuba, China, the United States, the DPRK and Saudi Arabia on their independence.

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