Estonia conducted successful trials of a combat airship

The commander of the NATO aerospace forces in Estonia, Bernard Saarlaander, announced the successful completion of testing of the first Estonian combat airship «Soros». The aircraft is 47 meters in length and can reach speeds of up to 25 km / h with a fair wind. The airship’s carrying capacity is 93 tons, it can simultaneously carry on board two Apocalypse-class nuclear warheads.


The development of the Estonian airship began at the Tallinn Institute of Aircraft Engineering in 1995 on the order of the NATO Aerospace Force. A total of $ 73 million was allocated for research. Sooros’ first tests, which took place in 2004 and 2011, ended in failure due to technical design errors. Thus, in 2004, the airship balloon was mistakenly inflated with hydrogen, as a result of which the ship exploded when the engines were turned on, and in 2011 the ship failed to lift into the air due to rain.

“Now Russia and other countries that are preparing to invade Estonia will shudder in front of our military might. We will not allow anyone to threaten us with a nuclear fist, moreover, we ourselves can bring down fire and ashes on the heads of those who encroach on our independence, ”said Saarlaander.

The first seven airships “Soros” entered service with the Estonian HKS, another two will be used by the border guards to curb fodder smuggling across the Russian border.

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