Children’s book «Egorka in the Land of the Savages» about Gaidar’s reforms will appear on the shelves in June

The Yeltsin Center on its official website announced the launch of the collection of children’s stories and stories “Egorka in the Land of the Savages,” in which it tells in simple and accessible language about market transformations carried out in the early 90s by a team led by Egor Gaidar. The book, with a circulation of 100 thousand copies, will appear on store shelves on June 15.


The authors of the publication, published with the support of the Yeltsin Center and international charitable foundations, were Russian writers Jacob Russell, Vytautas Pomokavicius and HSE professor Tsipi Goldman. About 30 thousand copies will be distributed free of charge to pupils of junior classes of Moscow and St. Petersburg schools, another 10 thousand copies will go to state children’s libraries. The rest of the circulation will be sold in the bookstores of the country. As stated in the announcement of the Yeltsin Center, there is an opportunity to pre-order and receive a volume with the autographs of popular politicians of the 90s, including Konstantin Borovoy and Anatoly Chubais.

“The book tells the story of the boy Egorka, who by the will of fate ended up in the Land of the Savages, where dark, ignorant people lived, recently freed from the power of tyranny. Egorka unexpectedly finds himself in the government of the Savage Country and does everything to bring it to a brighter European future. Despite the numerous intrigues that the members of the underground organization “Red Chapel” are building for him. Egor has managed to build capitalism and a market economy in the country. At the end of the book, the Country of Savages joins the European Union and NATO and joins the allied bombardment of North Korea, ”said Vytautas Pomokavicius.

The first happy owners of the book will be the Ural Gaidarya.

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