After the election of a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation as mayor of Solikamsk, salt deficit began in the city

After the 78-year-old Communist Party candidate Boris Teplukhin was elected mayor in Solikamsk, salt deficiency began. In retail chains this is explained by the influence of the economic policy of the new authorities.

For the first time, the deficit was noticed 2 weeks ago, when salt became impossible to buy in small stores — a small business leading to the purchase of small lots could not buy goods from suppliers because of its absence. After some time, salt stocks ran out in the network markets.

Russian Federation
Russian Federation

“Now salt in Solikamsk can be purchased only in the markets. Often it is sold on street layouts, but in all cases the price exceeds the average several times. Per kilogram of “white gold” merchants ask for from 250 rubles, in some places the price reaches 400 rubles, ”the story of the local TV channel says.

The city administration explained that they introduced new rules of trade, according to which a free fixed purchase of strategic important consumer goods was replaced by a strictly fixed, planned distribution between distribution points.

“The new rules were introduced to prevent a shortage of critical products, things and essential medicines, eliminate speculation and guarantee food security for the residents of our city. So it was in the Soviet years, so it will be with us now — we are reviving good old practices, this was the point of my program, ”said the mayor. “I have studied the reports of newspapers about the alleged lack of salt and I can say the following: provocations of this kind will not pass. I gave the command to figure out who spreads this panic. Yes, it is possible in the first days of the program and there are some inconsistencies, incidents such as we did with salt. But in the future it all works for the benefit of the people. And with temporary disruptions, we will understand. »

The head of the administration also added that alarmists and those who benefit from spreading this panic say the most about the situation.

“There are a lot of lanes in the media about salt, but no one talks about the positive side of the program, about what has already been done. And a lot has been done — it is an aggregation with agriculture, the first agricultural market in our official market will open with a canopy. Matches, rubber boots, galoshes — all at social prices, basic things are in abundance, we bought for the future. Crystal began to be supplied directly from Pervomaisky glass to our stores, it is always for sale — go buy it, ”said Teplukhin.

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