The party of patriots of Kazakhstan nominated Borat Sagdiyev for presidency

At the ended primaries of the Party of Patriots of Kazakhstan, a well-known international journalist Borat Sagdiyev won a convincing victory. He will represent the political force in the presidential elections on June 9.

Sagdiev is widely known far beyond Kazakhstan as the author of a series of documentaries about the history and culture of Central Asia. In his election program, the candidate paid special attention to strengthening inter-ethnic harmony in Kazakhstan, issues of homophobia and discrimination against women.

Sociologists say that despite the relatively small rating (a little more than 10%), Sagdiev can compete with Tokaev, nominated by the ruling party. In their opinion, the so-called “Zelensky effect” can play its role, when a famous actor and journalist, thanks to his film image and the voters’ request for change, can compete on equal terms with professional politicians.

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