The State Duma introduced a bill on the control of tinted sunglasses

In the State Duma introduced a bill to adjust the degree of tinting sunglasses. The author of the initiative, Elena Onishchenko, referring to the data of the Ministry of Health, said that the purpose of the law is to warn Russians against vision impairment.

For the implementation of the legislative act, the standards for the darkness of the lenses will be updated, preventing all the efforts of citizens to harm their health. For high-quality execution of the document provides for fines, the scale of which is compared with the penalties for traffic violations.

“Our citizens have a bad habit of not watching over their own health and blaming the authorities for this. The task of the deputies is to help the Russians, contrary to their negative opinion about us, ”the author of the bill commented on the initiative.

At the moment the document is under consideration in the relevant committee of the State Duma. During the further work on it, the elected representatives will have to find out who exactly will conduct the inspection of sunglasses for safety and write out fines. It is possible that the implementation of the law will require new equipment, for the purchase of which a tender will be announced.

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