Polish travel agency invited Marshal Yazov to a free tour of Lithuania

The Polish travel agency Podróżuj z Niespodziankami (PzN), in a sign of great appreciation, presented the former head of the USSR Ministry of Defense Dmitry Yazov with a tour of Lithuania and urged them to use it now “when Vilnius blossoms and runs wild”.

“As a sign of the deepest respect for Mr. Yazov, guided by the best of intentions, welcoming and supporting the Polish-Soviet and Polish-Russian friendship, we will be happy if you accept our invitation and use the free tour to Vilnius. The offer is valid only now, hurry! ”- said in a statement.

In PzN they added that their representative is already in Russia and at these moments he intends to personally present Yazov with an invitation, and in case of agreement, deliver it “to the border” on the company’s transport.


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