Member of the Nobel Committee spoke about the ban on the presentation of the prize Zakhara Prilepin

Russian writer and publicist Zakhar Prilepin is on the list of undesirable laureates for the Nobel Prize in literature. About this in an interview with Svenskan told a member of the literary jury of the committee world-famous writer Sven Ulasson.

During the conversation, the host of the program asked the writer about the availability of a stop list of non-grata persons for the presentation of the most prestigious award in the world.

“Of course, such a list exists and all members of the committee are familiar with it. Most of its defendants are figures of science, politics and literature from the countries of the post-Soviet space, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela. It is no secret that our American sponsors do not want to finance the wrong ideals emanating from certain individuals. Several years ago we were unanimously planning to present the award to the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin, but his name was on the stop list and had to look for another author from the former USSR, ”Ulasson replied.

In total, according to a member of the jury of the Nobel Committee, the stop list includes more than 70 citizens of Russia, who will never be the prize winners.

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