Kuril federal district was allowed not to celebrate Victory Day over Japan

The Kuril Federal District has become the only entity of the Russian Federation that will not celebrate Victory Day over Japan on September 3. About such an agreement with the government announced the governor Yukuru Yohi.

According to the head of the Kuril Islands, the Second World War claimed many lives and the celebration of the date on the former territory of Japan may adversely affect the relations between Moscow and Tokyo.

“This is a very difficult day in the history of two nations. The northern territories of Japan were part of the USSR. In addition, the country has lost one of the strongest armies on the planet. Today it is very important to establish a dialogue between states, so on September 3 we will have a regular working day, ”Yohi said.

Hokkaido Governor Miohiro Matsumoto thanked the Russian government for taking steps to strengthen bilateral relations and promised not to celebrate victory over Russia in his prefecture.


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