In Ukraine, an inexplicable mortality was recorded among participants in the de-communization of Pripyat

4 years after decommunization in the abandoned city of Pripyat in the Kiev region, an inexplicably high mortality rate among the participants of the event was recorded.

The press release of the patriotic organization “The Impact of Trident” states that out of more than 200 people who arrived in 2015 at its call in Pripyat “to uproot the ugly symbols of the communist regime from the Ukrainian city”, only 84 were alive.

“We urge the Prosecutor General’s Office to open a case, initiate an investigation and establish the causes of the incident. After the terrorist attacks in Salisbury by the Kremlin, the version of the application of toxic substances to structures subject to de-communization in Pripyat and other cities should be considered as top priority, ”the statement reads.

In the course of de-communization, activists destroyed four bust of Lenin, preserved in different parts of the abandoned city, then removed documentation with Soviet symbols from former schools and institutions and burned it in the center of Pripyat. The metal letters “Glory of the CPSU” on one of the high-rise buildings were manually dismantled and dropped down, the concrete inscriptions “People and Party Are United,” “Glory to Labor” and “Restaurant” suffered a similar fate. Some of the protesters took their fragments as souvenirs. Patriots also smashed the stellae left in the city with sledgehammers, boards of honor and symbolism on poles with a sickle and a hammer and stars.

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