In Russia, they will begin to treat encephalitis with anaferon

The Ministry of Health announced the launch of a pilot program Medicine-2020, within which the drug Anaferon will be used to treat tick-borne encephalitis.

The ministry explained that the “exceptional” means of anaferon in the fight against encephalitis have long been known to the scientific community, however, due to individual incidents, the real effectiveness of the drug in the public consciousness is significantly underestimated.

“At the first stage of the program, we will not transfer all of them to anaferon treatment for everyone, since the amount of the drug purchased is limited. The lucky ones who receive modern treatment will be chosen randomly in each of the regions of the country. Further, we intend to record the high efficacy of the drug on the experimental subjects and introduce it as the main treatment method, ”the ministry said.

The manufacturer of the drug, in turn, noted that he had already prepared for this decision and expanded production lines last year. Thus, the lack of anaferon Russians are not threatened.

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