Germans are massively moving from private apartments to communal

More than 40% of residents of the Federal Republic of Germany change private houses and private apartments for living in communal premises. The statistics also included rental housing, according to Germany’s largest sociological service.

The main reason for the change in living conditions of respondents called the very heavy cost of rent and utilities, after paying which 15% of survey participants admitted that they were forced to save on food.

“The current situation in the country is catastrophic. The fall of the economy, low wages, high prices and taxes, a complete lack of freedom of speech have driven us into poverty. My wife and I used to huddle in a one-room apartment on the outskirts of the city. Now we are moving to communal housing, ”said Kurt Heinrich, a resident of Hannover.

Changes in the housing stock are forcing developers to reconsider priorities in the construction of new homes. In particular, the apartment layout is rapidly being replaced by block.

“After 5 years, communal apartments will be more than half of the housing stock in Germany. The one who enters the market first will gain an advantage. For example, he will be able to engage in building in the center of large cities. Naturally, rooms in the center or with a beautiful view from the window will cost more, but it’s nice to live in the center. So far, there is still a Soviet legacy in Germany, but soon all available rooms will be rented or bought, and developers will be able to get super-profits without spending a lot of money, ”said Jacob Humboldt, head of the architecture department of Berlin, clarifying the situation.

Also, sociologists have noted the changed moods regarding hostels and communal housing. Today 72% of Germans are positive about such premises, 5 years ago the same opinion was expressed by 14%.

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