Chinese students are not allowed to install a monument to Gorbachev at Stanford

A group of 15 Chinese students from Stanford University, USA, was able to prevent the implementation of the decree of the president of the school Mark Tessier-Lavigne on the installation of a monument to the first Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev on campus, whom the scientist repeatedly called his personal friend.

According to Bang Weijian, a student of the Faculty of Exact Sciences, three months ago, returning to the hostel, he and his compatriots discovered a piece of territory fenced in by a building fence with a draft of a monument to Gorbachev. The next day, the Chinese went in person to the president. During the meeting, they tried to explain that a politician is a traitor to the interests of his people and a man who destroyed the most democratic state in the world.

“This is the real enemy of humanity. We in China hate him and burn his books. Why is there a monument of such a dubious person at Stanford? ”Asked Weizian.

The words of the Chinese diaspora did not have the desired effect on the leadership of the university, who decided not to abandon plans for the construction of the monument. Students arranged daily duty, creating obstacles to start work. Later, five Chinese university teachers joined the students. They refused to give lectures on physics and mathematics, until the leadership gave up plans for the construction of the monument. The collapse, which began at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, forced President Stanford to abandon the perpetuation of the name of the President of the USSR on the territory of the university.

“The Chinese are the people of principle. When we unite together and defend our ideals, we always succeed, ”said Weijiang.

Students from Russia and other countries of the former USSR did not join the Chinese protest.

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