Archaeologists have discovered an old Russian tactile font

During the next excavations in the environs of Veliky Novgorod, Russian archaeologists discovered unknown birch bark letters. According to experts, the relief scratched on these tablets is a tactile font — the analogue of modern Braille.

“Look, our Slavic Braille has definitely invested in the creation of this alphabet. A symbol like a bonfire signified work, and the cross was nothing but a square, ”the birch bark expert Tikhomir Kupalov shows on the monitor.

The discovery forced scientists to revise the established position about the bark as a low-grade writing material. According to Kupalov, the content of the letters found is, in the main, a set of short amusement stories. It is assumed that this is due to the long winter periods in the territory of Russia, so that readers can not waste precious candles for lighting. The Pskov Archaeological Union adheres to an alternative opinion, believing that the tactile type was used mainly by elderly monks, for whom young novices cut the symbols of bark on days.

Experts agree on one thing: this type of recording has no analogues in the world and is the oldest system of haptic recording.

Archaeologists believe that the detected font with the time import substitute Braille in Russia. The Ministry of Education has already approved this idea and plans to allocate more than 5 million rubles for advanced training of typhoid educators.

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