Anatoly Chubais suffered burns, experiencing an experimental heated cap from Rosnano

In Moscow, at the presentation of a line of garments with nano-heated, an emergency occurred — one of the accessories caught fire at the time when the head of Rosnano, Anatoly Chubais, experienced it.

The development of domestic scientists for the first time presented to the public after more than 5 years of hard work. Within the framework of this project, Rosnano specialists managed to create heating elements capable of operating without external power supply due to reversible electrochemical reactions of lead dioxide. The corporation notes that this technology has no analogues in the world.

The presentation took place in the CyberPlaza conference hall in the center of Moscow. At the moment when Anatoly Chubais was presenting the winter hat designed specifically for the cold Russian regions to the public, the controller failed. One of the heating elements was heated beyond the permissible rate, after which the cap began to smoke and caught fire right at the head of the corporation. She was extinguished with a powder fire extinguisher.

The press service of Rosnano reported that Chubais received minor first-degree burns, he refused medical care. After isolating the faulty prototype and checking the hall by the fire inspector, the presentation continued, but without the participation of Chubais.

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