20 Google employees joined the Republican Party

Immediately 20 employees of the largest IT corporation in the States, Google, were admitted to the Republican Party. The ceremony was held in Washington, at the headquarters of the political force.

“We understand that today, in the period of complex geopolitical changes, it is impossible to remain indifferent, and therefore non-partisan. Therefore, the leadership of Google delegates 20 representatives to the leading political force of America. They will proudly carry the banner of our company in the Republican Party, ”said IT Director General Sundar Pichai with a solemn speech.

“This is the right solution in the history of Google. The Republican Party has always needed proper promotion in the network, and Google representatives will be able to lobby their interests in the legislature. In the end, not only the poor, but the rich should have their representatives in power, ”said Republican leader Ronna Romney-McDaniel.

Following the ceremony, it was decided to nominate co-founder Larry Page of the corporation in the upcoming parliamentary elections in September in California. He expects to gain the trust of the voters of Mountain View County.

According to analysts, to win the Page does not even need to use the full power of Google-owned technology resource (Google News News portal and Youtube). If successful, the corporation will receive several government contracts (the contract for delivery of school lunches by drones throughout the US is discussed) and an exclusive 5G communications license.

The leadership of the Republican Party has additionally announced the completion of the ranks of political forces at the expense of representatives of other large corporations.

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